Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fourteen Weeks to Go

Who is counting down the weeks until the Bicknell International Film Festival? Are you with us or are you doomed (Doomed to miss out that is . . .  on one of the most fun, unique and sometimes quirky event in all of Southern Utah)? Festival co-founders Trent Harris and Lory Smith called this "the largest international film festival in southern Utah" and "the smallest international film festival in the world."


Two great bands are lined up for the Friday & Saturday night parties, food, fun, festivities, and more. There will also be a few surprises this year; you don't want to miss out!

Now this week's music selection:
World Destruction by Time Zone. Time Zone was an electro band headed by Afrika Bambaataa, an American DJ from the South Bronx, NY - - an originator in hip-hop music and culture, instrumental in moving the street gang, the Black Spades, into the music and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation. Bambaataa worked with different musicians for each Time Zone project. This song, a collaboration with punk-rocker John Lydon, is Time Zone's most well-known single. It was later used on The Supranos - in the first episode of the fourth season. The song played at the beginning of the episode as Tony gets his newspaper and again during the closing credits.

World Destruction (1984) by Time Zone

Speak about destruction. (x3)

This is a world destruction, your life ain`t nothing.
The human race is becoming a disgrace.
Countries are fighting with chemical warfare.
Not giving a damn about the people who live there.
Nostradamus predicts the coming of the Antichrist.
Hey, look out, the third world nations are on the rise.
The Democratic-Communist Relationship,
won`t stand in the way of the Islamic force.
The CIA is looking for defectors.
The KGB is smarter than you think.
Brainwash mentalities to control the system.
Using TV and movies - religions of course.
Yes, the world is headed for destruction.
Is it a nuclear war? 
What are you asking for?

This is a world destruction. Your life ain`t nothing.
The human race is becoming a disgrace.
The rich get richer.
The poor are getting poorer.
Fascist, chauvinistic government fools.
People, Moslems, Christians and Hindus.
Are in a time zone still searching for the truth.
Who are you to think you`re a superior race?
Facing forth your everlasting doom.
We are Time Zone. We`ve come to drop a bomb on you.
World destruction, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

This is the world destruction, your life ain`t nothing.
The human race is becoming a disgrace.
Nationalities are fighting with each other.
Why is this? Because the system tells you.
Putting people in faceless categories.
Knowledge isn`t what it used to be.
Military tactics to control a nation.
Who wants to be a president or king? Me!
Mother Nature is gonna work against you.
Nothing in your power that you can do.
Yes, the world is headed for destruction.
You and I know it, cause the Bible tells you.
If we don`t start to look for a better life,
the whole world will be destroyed in a time zone!

In a time zone (x3)
Speak about destruction. (x3)
In a time zone (x3)
Speak about destruction

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