Monday, February 6, 2012

18th Annual BIFF "Duck & Cover" It's Doomsday 2012

The planning committee for BIFF is looking forward to next summer's events. Here at the BIFFblog, we can interact and inform about some of the things being planned. This is also an easy location for you to post your ideas related to the Bicknell International Film Festival.

The committee is in the process of selecting the feature films to match the theme:
"Duck & Cover" It's Doomsday 2012. That's a fun and time-consuming process, and there are lots of options - - we just have to zero in on the best ("The Best in Bad Cinema").

Find more information about
BIFF and the Wayne Theater
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Music Countdown

This week, we are going to kick off a musical countdown to BIFF by posting the first in our series of "End of the World" tunes. Here we will connect you to our choices for a playlist to get you prepped for the apocalypse - - make that prepped for the 18th Annual BIFF events.

American songwriter Julian Cassablancas was first known as the front man of a New York rock band,
The Strokes. This song was part of his debut solo album, Phrazes for the Young. The lyrics to this 2009 track: Four Chords of the Apocalypse can be found below. Twenty-four weeks until BIFF!

Julian Cassablancas at Coachella 2010

I hear it in your silence,
When you don't speak...
What was funny then,
Isn't funny anymore.

Hear it in your voice,
There's always a catch...
Well we're going nowhere,
And we're going there fast.

Anything to watch
While we are waiting
For this apocalypse?
What more is there to do?

Nice to be important
But so close to being despised
More important to be nice
I guess than being wise

So I take you shopping
I take you dancing too
I take you out
All the things you do
And I give you diamonds
But I give you space
So be with anyone you like
It's alright with me.

Oh time is over
Don't you know that
If a time won't
pause or burn
I'll stay right in my place
Now war is over!

- instrumental section -

When in your silence,
when you don't speak...
There is a quiet,
burning inside you, so dear.

I'd give you anything
But I'd give you problems
Be with anyone you like
It's alright with me.

I hear it in your voice
I can see it in your lips
There's always a catch
I guess it's alright with me

No one's around
The map says you're here
And I can get loneliness
Screaming in my ear.

Our time is over
Don't you know that
If a time warp was open,
I'd stay right in my place
The war isn't over yet
The war is not over yet

Being nice is only hard

when others aren't
Our time is over

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